Natalya Bronzova

Natalya Bronzova is a Philologist and Historian, writer and artist, a person of the world, who has lived in Russia, Europe, Canada and Asia.

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First Russian Ball

As a painter!

Natalya splashes on the canvas her inner world, mixed with mystery and legends.Her main criteria is beauty and vibrant colors, which harmonize human soul - that is why one can look at Natalya's paintings for a long while, almost wishing to enter this ideal place and live inside...

As a writer!

Many different cultures imprinted into her soul, developing her unique style of creation: in writing she writes about art or outstanding personalities, but she is not a biographer, because she writes about her experience with legendary people, trying to understand their soul, not to interpret gossips and stereotypes…This makes her books unique and deeply spiritual. Natalya has her own path, which she creates for herself; she learned from great outstanding personalities, but never copying or following their examples - she became One, preserving her unique identity!