Video Events & Talkshows

Russia Day 2018

Natalya Bronzova, the Russian Ball founder, exhibited her paintings during the 2018 Russia Day Embassy event at the Makati Shangri-La among the very special guests: SEC DFA Allan Cayetano with his wife Lani, mayor of Taguig City, Cong. Aniceto "John" Bertiz III ACTS OFW, Senat President Koko Pimentel, Johnny Litton, USEC of DOT Fema Duterte and others.

BAGONG PILIPINAS with Aniceto Bertiz & Diane Quirrer

Natalya Bronzova, artist, writer &​ Russian Ball founder is on BAGONG PILIPINAs the best Juan Overseas TV show in Manila, Philippines, with interviewer Aniceto John Bertiz of the ACTS OFW and Diane Quirrer. Manila, Philippines 2017.

First Russian Ball in Manila

Natalya Bronzova with Dr. Billy Chan, Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev, Fema Duterte and Dep. Speaker of House of Rep.Congw. L.Villarica. Manila, Philippines, 2018.

Solo exhibition at the CCP

Natalya Bronzova at her first solo art exhibition at the Cultural Centre in the Philippines with Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev, CCP President Raul Sunico, Ms.Cory Quirino and others.

Natalya Bronzova with Marlyn Kragh

A radio interview of Natalya with Marlyn Kragh on DZ Radio 810 morning show: Voice of the Philippines​

Solo exhibition at the Philippines Congress

Natalya Bronzova makes her first art exhibition at the Philippines House of Representatives in 2017. Manila, Philippines.

Media Forum

Interview with Natalya Bronzova as she talks about her art & books to Pepito "Pepsi" Guerrero and Juvy Guzman. 2016 Manila, Philippines

DZ Radio 558

With radio host Natalya Bronzova speaks about her books: Philippines a country of kindness & gratitude and also Imelda Marcos, true, good & beautiful. 2016, Manila, Philippines

TV NET 25 Interview

Natalya gives an interview to Eagle Broadcast production TV Net 25 on Russian and Philippines cultural exchange and her book on the Philippines and Madame Imelda Marcos. 2016, Manila, Philippines.

DZ Radio One - Sentiments of the Heart

Interview with Laila Dee Various subjects about the Philippines, former First Lady Imelda Marcos and faith healer Alex Orbito in 2014. Manila, Philippines.

Art Changing Life

Gregory Pototsky comments about the documentary about himself Art Changing Life produced by Natalya Bronzova, 2010 Moscow.

Global News TV Interview

Talking about art and spirit, Global News TV Interview 2012. Manila, Philippines.

The Art of transfiguration

Natalya Bronzova speaks about her recently published book, about her art, on the Morning show on the NBN channel, 2012. Manila, Philippines