Those precious instants at the end of our existence can have as many meanings as human beings living them. But for most of us, they are generally a mirror of our past life, added with fright and deep anxiety for the coming unknown.....Sometimes an angel comes to visit us for this final transformation. When a dying man finally trusts his soul to God, this heavenly visit seems so real. Can the angel offer words of peace?

Notes from the director:
The great American poet Kenneth Fearing wrote the book POEMS in 1935. The text here is but only one of the magnificent texts in it. I precisely chose this one because it deals with the end of one man transformed by an ugly modern society around him. The angel is not really tender to his protégé but he does bring him peace and the promise of eternal life..

Festivals selections:
New-York Independent Film & Video Festival March 2nd 2008
International Independent Film & Video Festival
Public showing: ImaginAsian Theatre, 239 East 59th. street, New-York NY 10022

London Short Film Showcase August 23rd 2008
Public showing: Rainbow Cinemas Falleria, 355 Wellington Street, London ON Canada.

Director: Andre Beriault
Music score: Franco Tenelli
DoP: Andre Beriault
Camera: Yves Beriault
Sound: Jacques Carriere
Costumes: Natalya Bronzova
Assistant: Sandra Horbas
French translation: Bernard Deschamps
Lead actors: Natalya Bronzova & Marc Beriault

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